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"ኢየሩሳሌም ሆይ እግሮቻችን በአደባባይሽ ቆሙ"

መጋቢት 29 - ሚያዝያ 13 2007 (April 7 - 21 2015)


Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport and transfer to the hotel. You will visit the Metropolitan city of Tel Aviv, drive through the main streets and past the main places of interest.


Selam Travel Inc. is a customer focused, full service travel agency. We realize that today`s travelers are faced with hectic schedules, so our courteous and experienced travel consultants would take the worry out of your vacation or business plans and put all the details into our experienced hands. We have packages that can take you anywhere in the world you want to go. We have special fares and tours for:

  • Middle East, Africa, Europe , Asia, and Latin America
  • Last minute domestic and International fares
  • Wild Safari, Honeymoon, Anniversary and Group trips

If you don`t have a particular destination in mind, be sure to ask us. We are full of great suggestions, from island serenity to Alaskan cruises, to action packed adventures....

Wherever you want to go, we`ll take you there!!!

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